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So You Think You Can Bleach…

So you have to have those super white movie-star teeth? Bleaching teeth as been around for a long time… A really long time. Back in the French Court of Marie Antoinette they really started loosing their heads over bleaching. Chemistry was not what it is today so they used the Urea Peroxide (pig urine) to […]

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How To Get A “Perfect Fit” With Your Dentures

The Perfect Fit Denture. How do you avoid a “Perfect Storm” in your mouth? There are many forces that have to come together to attain a successful denture fit. Ernest Hemmingway once said “no man is an island” or basically man cannot exist alone, he is dependent at some level on forces outside his control. […]

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“The Miracle Cure For Tooth Decay?”

Erosion. Gum Disease. Tooth Decay. They destroy your smile, and all three are prevalent in mature Adult teeth. “The miracle cure for tooth decay will happen within twenty years” said the discoverer of the effects of fluoride, Robert Knudsen in a Symposium in the early 1960’s. It’s 2010 and teeth are still decaying. What happened? […]

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